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Memories Live Here by Marc Sheinbaum

Bringing the dead back to life through Artificial Intelligence with their own formulated thoughts produces results equivalent to combining sets of DNA. Computers generate random outcomes. Marc Sheinbaum’s Techno Thriller Mystery brings us into the lives of the Brodsky brothers, whose interactions are a ceaseless embroiling of suspense. From the moment we meet Josh, Donny, and Louie Brodsky, we learn the barriers between human control and AI are rather blurry. Financial dealings and familial rivalries blend in unexpected scenarios. But the final brotherly bond is hidden in the pages of their deceased mother’s diaries. Perhaps motherhood never really ends, even when one has died, and obviously their mother’s not quite ready to rest in peace.

Make a big bowl of popcorn, get a good fire going, and spend the day with Marc Sheinbaum and the Brodsky clan.

To learn more about Marc Sheinbaum visit his blog at

Memories Live Here by Marc Sheinbaum, published in 2020, 284p, is available on Amazon, Kindle or Paperback


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