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The Cook by Maylis de Kerangal

Well-written and about food. That's the first tip-off of a good read. Mauro, our foodophile, begins his journey in Berlin; from there, he travels the continent in search of expanding his recipe repertoire, cooking endeavors, and acquiring friends. The writing is fluid, filled with descriptive prose and little dialog. Ms. de Kerangal's tone is savory and leaves one feeling sated in the culinary journey of Mauro's food evolution. He quickly learns his kitchen confidence is an anomaly, and rather than pay his dues, he forages into his own restaurant escapade. In the few pages that comprise this book, the reader clings to every word, tastes every morsel from Döner to Gnocchi, and feels his elation and pain in creating meals from scratch to seating diners at his restaurant tables.

Originally published in 2016 (French) by Raconter la Vie. Translated by Sam Taylor - Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, 2019. 100p.



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